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VW-Schwimmwagen zu verkaufen

VW-Schwimmwagen zu verkaufen

Because I am getting divorced I have to sell my favorite KdF 166 "Thor". I renovated the car 8 years of complete wreck. The renovation I have completed in autumn 2008.
Since that time I have been with Thor at bunch of reunions. For example Bad Camberg 2011, Heshisch Oldendorf 2013, I have even been swimming with Thor in 2012 on river Mein with team DISG e.V. In 2013 I attended the reunion on the lake Wolfgangsee in the alps. I have also attended bunch of historical military demonstrations in Czech republic. I have always been an owner of one of the best renovated vehicles.

Thor aroused admiration in the eyes of enthusiasts. The car is also equipped with bunch of contemporary original accessories. The car has mechanical brakes, 6V electrical, original engine 1130ccm, transmission, Gear house, the front gearbox and propeller gearbox are original. It is fully functional driving and boating. It has license plate, documents and Cetificates the VW museum in Wolfsburg.The body is 20% original and the rest has been new made match the production of the document.