Update from the Ardennes

Alain Henry de Frahan kindly notified us of his recent articles on the BMVT website showing recent gatherings in the Belgian Ardennes, one of them being the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. During each event a Schwimmer particiated, see pictures below.


Je voudrais contacter le propriétaire de cette Schwimm, qui peut m'aider? Merci beaucoup par avance!

70th Battle of the Bulge reenactment

IF8 Parts for sale - IF8 Teile zu verkaufen

For sale / zu verkaufen

1) IF8 frame with wheel hubs set working well ..... price 350 + shipping

2) Original wheels for IF8 Infanterie Karren in feldgrau original paint . the wheels come complete with hubs and bolts. on wheels is present a layer of red paint (typical of agricultural vehicles used after the war) that has been removed to bringing to light the original color. the two wheels are perfect, complete with two tires of different types. on a wheel is a bullet hole.
the tires are different and they are marked "pirelli" .... price 550 + shipping