Could you contact we if you have a front axle number of a Schwimmer in the 8000 - 12000 range please. I am particularly interested in original colours you may have found on it. Thanks!

Haben Sie eine Schwimmer Vorderachse zwischen 8000 - 12000? Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich. Ich bin interessiert zu wissen was die Orginalfarbe war. Danke!

Si vous avez une Schwimm essieu avant avec une numéro entre 8000 et 12000, merci de me contacter. Je voudrais savoir les colours d'époque correctes. Merci!


KdF type 166 Schwimmwagen engine for sale

KdF type 166 Schwimmwagen engine for sale. Very solid and complete parts. Engine case and all parts in photo $6000 USD. +shipping

The only parts I'm not sure are specific so the Schwimm engine are the pulley (it's definitely KDF) and the carburetor (also KDF).

More detailed photos of every part on this page: