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Various parts for sale

LW Verbandkasten with painted licence number of WL vehicle, and a bullet hole from the war. 75.- Euros

Missler Lötlampen in unissued condition with complete kit: 90.- per each, two in an original package 160.- Euros

Spare part to the Lötlampen: Cleaning drill (is not included with the packed ones as stamped on the package) 20.- Euros per each.

Shipping from Austria or Germany.

Feel free to contact me via:

Zu verkaufen Teile Kettenkrad, BMW R76, Zündapp

Zu verkaufen

2x Rad fúr NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad 250Euro pro Stuck,

1x Hintere Kotflúgel Zundapp KS750 80Euro pro Stuck

1x RIBE Schraube ganze Satz auf Motorad BMW R75 Preis 140 Euro

1x RIBE Schraube ganze Satz auf Motorad Zundapp KS750 Preis 140Euro

Miroslav Pavlík