VW Schwimmwagen Teile - parts for sale

After years of collecting from VW 166 parts, I give up my dream to restore a Schwimmwagen.

The collection consists of the following parts:

Front-wheel drive
Transfer box
Rear-wheel drive
Reduction boxes
All parts are already been cleaned and some parts are already overworked.

What is it in the pictures are what you get

Make me a fair offer

Mail: schwimmwagen.teile@mail.de

VW Schwimmwagen parts - Teile - Pieces

VW Schwimmwagen parts - Teile - Pieces

The parts are from the rear Gear box to the front Differential...
There are parts missing...what's it in the pictures are what you get...
Some parts are in very good condition ..some need a good clean...
Some will need resto...The rear Gearbox does not have it's nose cone..
One half is KDF the other is early Beetle........

Asking 12,500 euros, collection in the UK


1945 Volkswagen Kubelwagen for sale - zu verkaufen

1945 Volkswagen Kubelwagen KDF Type 82 25 HP Fully Restored.

Bought by me 20 years ago out of a prestigious elderly German collectors military vehicle collection. Completely restored by D. Crompton of MI, from 2002 to 2004, the best German military vehicle restorer in the US. Kubelwagen was restored back to exacting detail for originality and is painted in German factory tan, the color it would have left the factory in 1945.

Original body number 49003, original front axle out of Normandy France area and I believe is in original camo paint, original kdf steering box and original period correct 25 hp engine completely rebuilt.
Chassis post war built up around chassis number 500XX with New floor pans, post war gearbox and hydraulic brakes which I left in for driving safety purposes as recommended by Mr. Crompton. These could be taken back to cable brakes but I decided not to and opted for safety. New canvas top, seats and side windows, light covers were made by Beech Wood Canvas of NJ, well known US military vehicle canvas specialists. Comes with birth certificate from VW Wolfsburg showing February 12 1945 production delivery at Kassel Germany. No expense was spared by me restoring this car. It would be the centerpiece of any WWII military vehicle collection, Military museum or a re-enactors dream car. Very few of these were produced in 1945 as the war had taken it's toll on production facilities making these late war Kubelwagens quite desirable. Buyer will get Kubelwagen, birth certificate accessories mentioned and complete three ring binder of letters from Mr. Crompton to me and photographs of restoration. It has always been garaged and never been in the rain. It is ready to be enjoyed.

Located Westchester County New York USA