Parts for sale - Teile zu verkaufen - Pièces à vendre

On this page you'll find both original & reproduction parts for sale.
Hier gibt es Ersatzteile zu verkaufen, Orginal & Reproduktion.
Ici vous trouverez des pièces d'origine ou réproduction

Original IF8 for sale

Ad by one of our forum members:

I'm selling one original IF8 1st type restored many years ago (it needs a new paint) nice originals marked wheels, original frame, shock absorbers, suspensions, etc.
Internal box And town bar si replica. Price 1500 euro + shipping ( or local pickup).
One original IF8 2nd type under restoration ( i hope to finisch in few weeks). Original holed wheels, frame, shock absorbers, suspensions, original townbar.
Price 1800 euro + shipping shipping ( or local pickup).


Drehstaebe fuer VW166 und VW82.

Neu gefertigte Drehstaebe fuer VW166 und VW82.
Die Drehstaebe sind aus Federstahl gefertigt und gehaertet.
Die Eigenschaften der Drehstaebe entsprechen genau dem Original.
Preis: 250€ das Stueck.

Newly manufactured torsion bars for VW166 and VW82.
The torsion bars have been made of hardened spring steel.
The characteristics of the torsion bars are identical to the original.
Price, 250 euros per piece.

Austria / Österreich

New Book

Message from David Doyle:

'At last, my new Visual History series book which covers the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen, has arrived. This is a 136-page book, which could not have been done without the considerable help of the members of the KubelKorps USA group.

While there are several pages of archival photos, the bulk of the book consists of color photos of the most accurately and completely restored examples of these vehicles in North America. The chronology of the production of these vehicles is told through these photos and detailed captions, clearly painting the picture of what details changed when.

For those of you who reserved copies, the invoices have now been sent via PayPal. Those orders will be shipped as the payments are received.

For those that did not reserve copies, I still have a few left - which are available via my website, or at my booth at the MVPA in Pleasanton, California 11-13 August, 2016.

Non- US postage rates charged are those charged by the US Postal Service - which are often high, so it is prudent to order more than one book, or pool orders with friends.

Sincerely, David Doyle'

Moteur Kübelwagen et Support Train Avant Schwimmwagen

Moteur Kübelwagen
Le moteur porte le numéro *2-26883* du 11-11-43 marque de fonderie sur le dessus ,provenance "bataille de Normandie " ,
il est complet embiellé , culbuté et non bloqué. Je l'ai acheté ,il y a plus de 15 ans à un collectionneur normand

Support train avant Schwimmwagen
Support train schwim provient du Luxembourg également en ma possession depuis 15 ans