VW Schwimmwagen in Detail

book: VW Schwimmwagen in Detail
authors: Koran, Rojka & Pospisil
publisher: Wings and Wheels Publications (WWP)
isbn-number: 80-86416-12-7
language: English

This book includes a brief history of the Schwimmwagen, and it shows 50 pages full with 182 walk around colour photographs and 5 none scale black and white sketches. Of 3 different Chech Schwimmwagen, which are shown in the book, can be seen lots of aspects and views of these cars, such as: exterior, canvas hood and frame, exterior, interior, accessories, the exhaust, gearbox, engine, water propulsion, and much more.


Volkswagen Militärfahrzeuge

book: Volkswagen Militärfahrzeuge
authors: Hans-Georg Mayer Stein
publisher: Karl Müller Verlag
isbn-number: 3-86070-861-9
language: German

This book shows many and many photographs showing the Kübelwagen, the Warbeetles and the Schwimmwagen in action and the development of these vehicles. There is very much useful information written about Kübelwagen bodymodifications for instance. There's also nice info about the post war VW production etc. It's really an interesting book.


Schwimmwagen Kfz K 2 S

book: Schwimmwagen Kfz K 2 S
authors: Rossa Graph
publisher: Automobilista
isbn-number: 83-916229-2-4
language: Polish

This book shows many detailed pictures of a -unfortunately- slightly modified, Schwimmwagen. There a few lines concerning the history of the Schwimmwagen. All text is Polish


Der VW-Schwimmwagen

book: "Der VW-Schwimmwagen"
authors: Dr. Engelbert Macho
isbn-number: Not anymore available
language: German

This book was printed in a limited edition and it is not easy to obtain nowadays. This book contains lots of information about War Volkswagens, but of course mainly about the Schwimmwagen. It offers lots of very interesting information about the development of the Schwimmwagen type 128 and the typ 166: how the Schwimmwagen was developed, how the Schwimmwagens were tested, the problems which occured at the tests, technical information about the type 128 and the type 166...and much, much more. There's also a small chapter about the surviving Schwimmwagens after the 2nd World War. All this is illustrated with lots of period photographs. There are lots of photos about the Schwimmwagen in the Second World War. This is really a very good book and the information it offers is very detailed and precise.